Circular Economy “Kuidas?”/”How”? session 8: Circular Textile Industry in Estonia

The ‘‘Circular Economy KUIDAS?/HOW?‘‘ webinar session 8 was held on March 9 at 3.00-4.30 PM (GMT +2), where we discussed the possibility of a circular textile industry in Estonia. We listened to Finnish (Telaketju) and Estonian (TalTech) experience in research and development of circularity in textiles, and heard about circular technical textile production on the example of Paragon Sleep.

Watch the recording of the event here.


Date: March 9, 2022
Time: 15:00-16:30 (GMT +2)
Speakers: Pirjo Heikkilä (Telaketju), Tiia Plamus (TalTech), Innar Susi (Paragon Sleep), Reet Aus (
Moderator: Reet Aus
Language: English
Location: ZOOM
Participation: Free but pre-registration required
To whom: Designers and circular economy & sustainability experts, company representatives, product developers and others interested


15:00 – 15:05 Introduction – Reet Aus
15:05 – 15:25 Telaketju collaboration network and textile circular economy research in Finland – Pirjo Heikkilä, VTT
15:25 – 15:45 Circularity in the textile field, reuse and recycling of textile waste – study and research activities in Tallinn University of Technology – Tiia Plamus, TalTech
15:45 – 16:05 Recycling of textile waste and practical use in production – opportunities and challenges – Innar Susi, Paragon Sleep
16:05 – 16:30 Discussion

Read more about the speakers HERE

The event is organised by Estonian Design Centre in cooperation with Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EKJA).


“How To?” webinar: Circularity in Logistics

In this year’s first “How To?” webinar we will take a closer look into how circular design and sustainability can be implemented in logistics sector. We will hear from an Estonian company Bepco, offering reusable transport packaging service. Secondly, we’ll get inspired by the challenge’s and successes of a climate neutral city logistics service “Kiezkaufhaus” from Germany.

NB! The webinar recording is available here.


Date: Tuesday, January 18th 2022

Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM (EEST) / 2:00 – 3:30 PM (CEST)

Topic: Circularity in Logistics

Speakers: Margus Ärm, Peter Post, moderated by Meelis Mikker

Language: English

Location: Zoom

Price: FREE but pre-registration is required

To whom: designers and circular economy & sustainability experts, company representatives, product developers and others interested


More information:


NB! As it is a fully online event, please be prepared with a smooth Internet connection! The webinar will be recorded.

Previous sessions are available here:


Circular Design How To? session 6: Circularity in Textiles

In the upcoming Circular Design HOW TO? webinar on October 6 we will dive into the topic of Circular Textiles and hear from international experts and designers. The session is held in cooperation and as part of the 10th anniversary of the German Ecodesign Award.

Date: October 6th
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM (EEST)/4:00 – 5:30 PM (CEST)
Speakers: Jan Gimkiewicz, Kerli Kant-Hvass, Ina Budde, Conrad Dorer, Conrad Dorer
Language: English
Location: Zoom
Price: FREE but pre-registration is required



17:00-17:10  Introduction by Conrad Dorer (German Environment AgencyEcoDesign Circle 4.0) & Kerli Kehman-Vaarik (Estonian Design Centre)
17:10-17:25  Circular Textile Industry & “Quality and Lifetime of Textiles” study by Jan Gimkiewicz (German Environment Agency)
17:25-17:40  Project presentation by Kerli Kant-Hvass (
17:40-17:55  The road to by Ina Budde (
17:55-18:25  Open discussion
18:25-18:30  Closing words by Conrad Dorer

Read more about the speakers from the event page.

The event series is organised by Estonian Design Center and held in cooperation with the EcoDesign Circle  project and its partners.

Circular Design How To? session 5: Ecodesign tools in practice

In this season’s last How To? webinar we took a closer look at three circular design tools in practice – the EcoDesign Learning Factory, Audit, and Sprint, which were developed by the EcoDesign Circle international project team.

These tools offer methods and guidelines in becoming a circular design practitioner, assess your company’s ecodesign capabilities and create new business concepts in accordance with circular economy goals. Sharing their practical experience with the tools were Ronja Scholz (Fraunhofer IZM), Harri Moora (EKJA), Juha Kronqvist & Zeynep Falay von Flittner (Hellon), the session was moderated by Tapani Jokinen (Fraunhofer IZM).

See the recording of the webinar here:


Circular design How To? session is an open space for circular design professionals to discuss their work and experience. We avoid abstract concepts and discuss practical takeaways from circular design projects. The event is organised by Estonian Design Centre and held in cooperation with the EcoDesign Circle project and its partners.