Check out the winners of the German Ecodesign Award 2022

The winners of the German Ecodesign Award 2022 have been announced. Out of 295 submissions and 28 nominees, 14 projects were honoured.

The award-winning projects include intelligently designed lights, a seasonal calendar for green electricity, precast foundations for wind turbines, a deposit chair as well as advanced concepts for the transformation of the clothing industry and the data-based rewetting of peatlands. Below we have highlighted a selection of the winning projects. You can see the full winners line-up here.

Steelcase Flex Perch Stool

The Steelcase Flex Perch Stool is the world’s first piece of furniture to be made with plastic from BASF’s ChemCycling™ project. This technology creates a new type of raw material from a waste stream deriving from electronics production. This reduces both waste and the use of fossil resources. The standing stool is space-saving, flexible to use and durable and can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle.


HIIVE provides honeybees with a near-natural, species-appropriate home. Unlike conventional hives, which are primarily designed for maximum honey extraction, HIIVE also addresses the needs of the animals. The design replicates the microclimate of a tree cavity, the bees’ natural habitat. With its special characteristics, it has a positive effect on the health of the bees. HIIVE is made exclusively from a mix of recycled and natural materials, with a modular design that ensures easy reparability.


The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors of all. Alongside high levels of resource extraction and the issue of scarcity, there are also challenges with regard to disposal. 5 TONS is a recyclable mineral solid made using brick dust from broken masonry as well as recycled aggregate from mineral construction waste. As such, 5 TONS represents an alleviation in the use of primary raw materials and for landfills. A dry stacking system for masonry blocks has been developed on the basis of the material, and tanks to the shape of the brick, it is possible to do entirely without mortar. Cut markings and defined breaking points permit a flexible configuration of brickwork.

V-Locker Smart Bike Parking System 

Climate-friendly mobility with bicycles and e-bikes is dependent on suitable infrastructure. Using the automated V-Locker Smart Bike Parking System, which includes a digital operating and service platform, it is possible to safely store up to 60 bikes in a single car parking space. Thanks to individual facade design, the modular towers blend into the urban environment. Greenery, glass, solar or wood cladding are all possible. Assembly and disassembly all require minimal effort. Operation via smartphone app is intuitive and straightforward. Several installations are already in place in Germany and Switzerland, and there are more are in the planning phase.

The next call for entries for the German Ecodesign Award starts on January 23, 2023 for new outstandingly designed, environmentally compatible and future-oriented projects.


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