Comodule is empowering micromobility

Awarded as the Environment-Friendly Company of the Year by the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Comodule connects bicycles & scooters to the internet to offer an immersive ride experience, reduce carbon footprint and decrease commuting times worldwide.

Comodule is built on the vision of its founders to create real environmental change through empowering micromobility and to fight back to the frequent greenwashing – this has put sustainability at the core of everything they do.

Fixing the mobility problem

Comodule aims to reduce the pollution caused by the excessive use of private cars. By connecting e-bikes and e-scooters to the internet, they help to make micromobility smarter and safer, essentially making it an attractive alternative to cars.

The IoT connectivity solution Comodule provides to e-bike manufacturers and sharing fleet operators enables riders to enjoy digital features such as controlling e-bike’s settings, using map navigations, tracking rides, and locating their vehicle via a smartphone. Thanks to the integrated IoT solution, e-bike and e-scooter systems are able to receive over-the-air (OTA) updates from thousands of kilometers away in a matter of minutes – minimizing transport pollution and saving time on vehicle maintenance.

E-scooter built with sustainability in mind

While cities all across the globe are adopting more sustainable commuting habits, there’s still a long way to go in developing electric vehicles that are more durable and sustainably built. The average lifespan of e-scooters is around 3 years, to change this, Comodule designed an e-scooter themselves. The company now manufactures the world’s most environmentally friendly and safe electric scooters. The suppliers they work with and the materials used in production are carefully chosen. Around 42% of the input materials are recycled and 90% of the materials can be recycled at the end of the scooter’s lifetime. The innovative battery technology along with the modular and durable design has helped to create an e-scooter with a lifespan of up to 10 years. This is more than double the lifespan of other e-scooters currently on the market.

Taking control over the production process 

Comodule is one of the few companies in the micromobility sector that has its own production in Europe. The IoT modules and e-scooters are manufactured in their Tallinn factory which runs fully on renewable energy. Having full control over production processes enables Comodule to meet the quality standards they have set themselves and is more environmentally friendly as they can make sure that waste and resource consumption is minimized. Comodule wants their products to fix the problem, not generate more of them.

To bring more transparency to the customers and partners, the company is using ISO standards. In addition to ISO 9001 which has been implemented for many years, last year Comodule also implemented ISO 45001, occupational health and safety management, and ISO 14001, environmental management system. These standards bring more structure to their work and help lift the company to a new level.

Leading by example

Even though a lot has been done already, Comodule’s team continues to look for ways to reduce our footprint even more. The Environmental-Friendly Company of the Year award gave them a confidence boost that they are on the right track and hope to set a good example for other companies.


Article & photos from:, Comodule Facebook

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