KIRA gives new life to leftovers

KIRA shoes offer an alternative to fast fashion. Both ethical and comfortable, they are pioneers of sustainable footwear that works for the people and the planet.

KIRA’s expertly crafted products are created from old and reused materials. The fully vegan shoes will carry you around the world, leaving absolutely no trace. Masterfully engineered by their team of workers in the elegant Estonian city of Tartu, fair wages and high-standard working conditions ensures that KIRA plays no role in worker exploitation or social injustice.

Cultivating a more ethical world

KIRA’s story began when two compassionate friends, Sirli Ratasepp and Liis Hainla (in the photo below), discovered the atrocities of fast fashion. Since then, they have been committed to creating a sustainable footwear company that values three things:

  1. Reducing the environmental impact of fashion on the planet.
  2. Ensuring a fair and ethical working environment for our employees.
  3. Supporting our customers to tread more gently on the Earth.

Army strength

Durability and comfort are two uncompromised characteristics of KIRA’s shoes. Produced in a factory that has a long history of manufacturing high quality military and trekking boots, the experts at Kira ensure each pair of shoes is resilient enough to carry you through all your adventures. 

Innovative materials

Made from locally reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials, KIRA uses the smartest green technology to produce each pair of shoes.

Circular initiative

KIRA goes the extra mile to eliminate waste from our economy by encouraging clients to send back your used KIRA shoes to our manufacturer. KIRA will then recycle them, reuse them, or channel them to the appropriate waste department for disposal. See more at project reborn.

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