ReYarn – Partnership for circular textiles

ReYarn is a Copenhagen based initiative that brings together strong expertise in textile sorting, local reuse, mechanical recycling, textile sourcing and public procurement with a view to capture maximum value out of post-consumer textiles and give them a new life as products or materials. The goal of the project is to test and showcase a transparent and circular model.

The model aims to ensure that the reusable qualities of the post-consumer household textiles are prepared for reuse while ensuring new outlets for the recyclable qualities – which will be mechanically recycled into new materials such as yarns, wovens and non-wovens (felts), which are used for production of new fabrics and other textiles products.

The partners represent the entire circular value chain: collection of household textiles, sorting, reuse (repair, redesign, resell), recycling and production of new yarns/-fabrics, textile supply and procurement.

More specifically, the ReYarn project aims:

  • To help the City of Copenhagen to prepare for the 2022 separate textile collection requirement in DK by finding sustainable and innovative solutions for treatment of textile household waste.
  • To develop and test a public-private post-consumer textile value chain collaboration model, where textile collection, sorting, reuse, recycling and sourcing of recycled materials are integrated into one single model in a traceable and transparent way.
  • To increase the preparation for reuse of collected textiles locally by building collaboration between a sorter and a local resell organisation.
  • To stimulate uptake and use of post-consumer recycled fibres in new products through public and private procurement.
  • To gain knowledge and practical experience in implementing circular economy solutions within textiles that can be shared with others.

The partners include: Trasborg DenmarkWolkatReValuateSalvation Army DenmarkBacher Work Wear, and the City of Copenhagen


News source: Copenhagen Circular

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