Meet The German Ecodesign Award 2021 nominees

As Germany’s highest state award for ecological design, The German Ecodesign Award (Bundespreis Ecodesign) has announced this year’s nominees. In the four categories of product, service, concept and young talents, it awards submissions that meet the highest ecological and design quality requirements.

From circular jackets that are 100% disassembled and recycled, powder based re-fillable soaps and shampoos to bike kilometers turned into currency, zero-energy building, and numerous material and service innovations, these inspiring and innovative solutions pave the way to a circular future of products and services, designing out waste, pollution and excessive material extraction.

See the list of nominees here.

The German Ecodesign Award was offered for the first time in 2012 by the German Federal Environment Ministry, the German Environmental Agency and the International Design Center Berlin e.V. Since then it has been awarded annually.


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