New circular transition toolkit by Danish Design Center

The transition into a sustainable circular economy is no easy task. It requires fundamental changes in the way companies design, produce, and distribute products. We need to bend the linear business models of the present and start building products and systems where waste is no longer a part of the equation. This puts enormous pressure on companies to act, with an overwhelming risk of stumbling before even getting started.

The freshly published Danish Design Center’s (DDC) circular transition toolkit helps companies explore and develop circular business opportunities. The eight tools are a resource for companies and organizations who want to work more creatively and collaboratively in their team or organization towards circularity.

The methods are divided into three categories: 

  1. Exploring the problem space
  2. (Co)-creating new circular solutions
  3. Making the future concrete

Each tool has step-by-step process guides and is free of charge. Some of the tools are unique to DDC’s own methodology, and some are borrowed from other organizations.

Explore the toolkit, guiding videos and worksheets here.


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