The infinitely recyclable Flokk’s Revo collection

Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Flokk brand Profim, Revo sets new standards in both versatility and sustainability, combining recycled materials, easily disassembled components and removeable fabrics, all sourced from local supply chains. All of which reduces the weight by as much as 40% making it easier to move and less energy intensive during transportation.

Flokk’s Revo product line is a stylish collection of sofas, benches, screens and stools in softly contoured organic shapes –  a lightweight and versatile workplace furniture system which combines circular thinking with playful design.

The individual elements in the Revo collection enable 96 distinct modular configurations, supporting different styles of work – from solo to team-based, formal meeting to spontaneous collaboration, stay focused to stay connected. This versatility is in tune with the increasingly differentiated nature of the modern work experience. The office is no longer split between desk and conference room, but has become a nuanced network of flexible spaces, each with distinct furniture needs.

Infinitely recyclable

Revo’s success as a modular furniture system is largely down to the fact it is extremely lightweight. This is thanks to Profim and Pearson Lloyd’s decision to use recycled expanded polypropylene (REPP) rather than the plywood commonly used to make upholstery frames, thus reducing the product weight by around 40%. 

Replacing the plywood base structure with REPP (recycled expanded polypropylene) maximises the potential reuse of the base materials. Plywood has no circularity. REPP, which is already in its second life, can be fully remoulded for a third, a fourth, ad infinitum.

REPP is a highly versatile closed-cell bead foam with a host of beneficial properties, including outstanding energy absorption, an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, and resistance to impact, water and chemicals. Most importantly, it is 100% recyclable and remouldable. With no additives (such as glass fibre), REPP can be endlessly remoulded, meaning that at the end of its life, all Revo components can be separated into their component materials, and returned to the manufacturing cycle.

In total, 74% of the materials used to make Revo are recyclable – compared to 5% in the equivalent wood structure. Plus, because the REPP is already recycled – representing 90% of the total product volume – minimal new materials are created to build the collection. Upholstery is fixed onto the folded EPP using a tethered drawstring, which means no glue or staples are needed, further facilitating disassembly.


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