Circular Economy and Ecodesign

Circular economy is a novel economic model and approach, where economic growth is separated from excessive use of natural resources and related negative environmental impact.

No material is wasted, but resources and materials will be recycled as long as possible, thus producing higher value. Design and use of products enables long-term use, reuse and repair of products, their components and materials. The objective is to minimize the need for new raw material obtained from the nature and to ensure that any substances returning to the nature will not cause any inappropriate side effects.

Implementation of design in the development of products and services has major role for the transfer to the principles of circular economy. Ecodesign is a design process, the purpose of which is creation of innovative and sustainable solutions for products and services, with emphasis on reasonable consumption of natural resources, reduction of waste and creation of new innovative business models helping to ensure circulation of products and services as well as longevity of their use.

Successful implementation of ecodesign requires availability of certain internal capacity and competence from the companies. In order to increase their ecodesign capability, companies can also use various tools and training programmes.

Do you feel that implementing ecodesign would be beneficial for your company?

  • Does your company have capability to develop sustainable products or services through design?
  • Would your company benefit from ecodesign audit and participation in ecodesign sprint?
  • Does your company need an introductory training of circular economy and implementation possibilities of ecodesign?

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