Implementing ecodesign

Integrate sustainability aspects into your business strategy and product development processes.
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Circular economy

Circular economy is a novel economic model and approach, where economic growth is separated from excessive use of natural resources and related negative environmental impact.


Design for preserving resources

Design for recycling of waste


Design for efficient production

Maximizing product life


KIRA gives new life to leftovers

KIRA shoes offer an alternative to fast fashion. Both ethical and comfortable, they are pioneers of sustainable footwear that works…

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Stella Soomlais’ conscious and sustainable use of materials

Estonian leather designer Stella Soomlais’ bags are crafted to maximise the use of materials. The larger cutting leftovers are used…

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Reverse Resources is redefining textile waste

An Estonian founded company operating in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and China, estimates that up to 47% of all fabric and…

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BalticSeaBlue upcycled collection by Xenia Joost

BalticSeaBlue by Xenia Joost was created by upcycling post-consumer textile waste. After collecting unneeded textiles from the hospitality sector, each…

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Circular product design agency UNKNOT

UNKNOT agency offers project-based service in circular product design, marketing, and sales. Their mission is to help garment factories reinvent…

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Circular Design Audit at Framm

The company Framm manufacturing concrete and precast concrete products stands out with their vision of creating environmentally aware and sustainable…

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Ecodesign implementation services


Methodology enabling to assess capability of organizations to implement design when implementing the principles of circular economy, and potential suitable design approaches.

Preparatory activities
Assessment of design capability of the organization
Assessment of ecodesign strategies


Designing our circular future: A joint white paper from Denmark


What if waste was never created in the first place?…

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Herman Miller increases use of ocean-bound plastic with Aeron Chair


Herman Miller announced that its entire portfolio of Aeron Chairs…

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The Jeans Redesign updated guidelines now published


The Jeans Redesign guidelines encourage leading brands, mills, and manufacturers…

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RAIKU sustainable packaging to win global business award


Estonian company RAIKU received the grand prize at Creative Business…

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Test your readiness

  1. Does your company have the capability to develop sustainable products or services through design?
  2. Would your company benefit from ecodesign audit and participation in ecodesign sprint?
  3. Does your company need an introductory training in circular economy and implementation possibilities of ecodesign?